What kind of show does Christian do?

    Number 1: It's funny.
    Number 2: Really, it's funny!
    I want to make you laugh. That is my first goal, although not the Number ONE goal. I also want it to mean something.

    What does 'Mean Something', well... uh... mean...?

    I think creating a clean act and calling it Christian is a disservice to myself and my audience. I believe a Christian comedian should not be safe for safe's sake.

    I believe the people of the Church need to be challenged by comedy as much as the secular world is. This doesn't come at the Expense of the audience, but by pointing out - WITH HUMOR - where we sometimes fail at following Christ's teachings... and celebrating the moments we succeed!

    We think the word is Edgy... we don't like edgy.

    Edgy for edgy's sake is just as bad as the opposite. We need to rejoice in our faith. Revel in the joys our Lord grants us. We also need to sometimes shine a light on certain hypocrisies - again - with humor.

    I talk about things in MY life. Growing up with a minister for a father. Bible college. An early marriage. Mine and my wife's struggle not being able to have children. Our collective struggle to lose weight and be healthy vessels. My disappointment with Christian's reactions in certain situations INCLUDING my own! My constant struggle to stay on the right path. Fighting off a cursing tongue while in traffic, avoiding the pitfalls on the internet, then failing on both counts.

    We should be able to laugh and grow simultaneously. My comedy grew in two worlds. One, that of the preacher who told anecdotes to keep the crowd interested in the message; and the world of secular comedy, chasing the greats like Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, and yes, even George Carlin. While Carlin's vulgarity and atheism is sure to drive a Christian running from the room, he showed one thing to be true: Laughter opens minds.

    Pointing out a shortfall in our nature can leave us feeling betrayed and hurt, but use laughter...

    My comedy IS my ministry. My ministry IS my comedy. They go together like an intricate puzzle. Are crock pots funny? Sure, they can be. Are the 4 church ladies that brought their 'special' meatballs in their crock pots to Potluck (and are secretly judging each other as if they were on Iron Chef) even funnier? Oh yes!